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ACEMAGIC Mini Pc AMR5 AMD ryzen 7 5700U | Best pc in 11 inch

Some time large and outdate looking pc are irritating and need more care while handling and transferring not only this it is not easy to manage if you have little space with in your house, ACEMAGIC mini pc AMR5 solve these problems and make a revolution in the market by providing such types of small fast and high performance pc.

Key Specifications of ACEMAGIC mini Pc AMR5

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700U
  • Memory: Up to 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
  • RGB Lighting: Yes
  • Display Support: Up to three screens
  • Processor:8
  • Flash Memory Size: ‎512 GB
  • Hard Drive Rotational Speed: ‎7200.00
  • Graphic Card Ram: 16 GB

Performance and Multitasking

There are two top companies in terms of cpu processor manufacturing one is intel and second one is AMD and in this laptop AMD’s processor is used, AMD Ryzen 7 5700U is a powerful mobile processor with eight cores and sixteen threads.

More core and more threads more power and performance and more good clock time which increase the speed and performance of the computer.

ACEMAGIC mini pc AMR 5

This pc operates at a base clock speed of 1.8GHz, which can boost up to 4.3GHz under load. It will run smoothly while you’re editing videos, running virtual machines, or crunching numbers, the ACEMAGIC mini pc handles multitasking effortlessly.

Compact Design and Cooling

With high performance and speed ACEMAGIC mini pcs are capable of saving space and comes in smaller dimension, this ACEMAGIC AMR5 is only ‎11.06 x 8.86 x 5.39 inches in terms of dimension while the other pc are big and big then this pc, more ever its aerodynamic design and cooling pad and systems allow the cpu to remains cool during high performance work like simulating and video editing.

ACEMAGIC mini pc AMR 5

Connectivity and Ports

ACEMAGIC mini pc AMR 5 have multiple USB ports and also have dual M.2 slots for storage expansion more ever it has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

In future you might need 2 hard drives of 1TB then this dual slot help you to expand your pc storage and more ever if your keyboard is damaged or fail to perform work then this USB ports allow you connect keyboard or mouse or any speaker or any other component.

Gaming and Graphics

While the AMR5 isn’t primarily designed for gaming, its integrated Vega graphics can handle casual gaming and multimedia tasks it has Graphics Coprocessor ‎ of ‎AMD Radeo Graphics 2000 Mhz. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you might want to consider a dedicated GPU. However, for everyday use and light gaming, the AMR5 performs admirably.

Pricing and Availability

It is easily available but it is high in demand more ever currently there is a sale going on ACEMAGIC website and on Amazon where it has price of $369 and $399 respectively which is best price for this type of high performance cpu.

Storage capacity and Power Saving

ACEMAGIC mini pc AMR 5 has multiple option for storage you can upgrade and downgrade your HDD or SDD upto 512 GB and change it according to your need, it also give you a option to increase or decrease power consumption according to your need it can run its fan with minimum noise of 38 dB and minimum power consumption of 10 to 15 W which is a magic with in it self.

Customer review

The most important thing of any product is its customer feed back that what they called about the product and what the feel by using it and what were there experience on it and what was there recommendations, by exploring different website like best buy, amazon, ACEMAGIC we found that this ACEMAGIC mini PC AMR5 has positive review of 4.8 stars out of 5 and most of the customers are happy and enjoying using it.

ACEMAGIC Mini Pc AMR5 AMD ryzen 7 5700U review by Mixon NAT


In summary, the ACEMAGIC AMR5 Mini PC with the AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor offers a balance of power, portability, and affordability. Whether you’re working from home, streaming content, or tackling productivity tasks, this mini PC is a worthy companion. So go ahead, unleash the magic of the AMR5!


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