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What is the Neuralink Brain Implant?| A Miracle in 2024?

Restoring neurological conditions, help to control the mobility of paralysis victims, increase the attention of human brain and focus on work and to improve the communication of disable person a company work name is Neuralink that work is Neuralink brain implant.

Neuralink is a tech company who aims to connect the brain with a chip that can help humans in their daily life and to enhance their work efficiency, according to the Ramses Alcaide, CEO of Neurable, they create non-invasive brain-computer interfaces that take the form of headphones. Neuralink’s technology can record and decode neural signals, and then relay this information back to the brain using electrical stimulation.

In Neuralink Brain Implant Elon musk who was the founder said that he will insert a chip in the skull through operation that will helps the humans to connect and control their mobile phones and computer first then in the second phase they will work on the how to connect the human brain with the other gadget and how to control his own body parts that were paralyzed for this thedo:

  • First neuralink chip is test on a animals
  • Test result raise certain question on this work according to al jazeera and raises privacy and surveillance concerns.

Does Any Human implanted Until now?

About 40 different company on this and trial have been done on different levels on humans and in 2022 an Australian company already use a chips on a skull and analyze the results on a person and Neuralink has done a first transplant on a human on jan 30 2024 according to Elon musk and patient is recovering very well after that transplant.

Untill now from different sources and Al jazeera News we Found that:

  • Test are conducted on Monkeys and Pig
  • Issues with the implants on monkeys, including paralysis, seizures and brain swelling were detected.

If you want to be person who helps the humanity then you can visit neuralink official website and learn more about them through this Neuralink.

Neuralink Youtube page video

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