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Who Makes Coolby Laptop | Interesting review with in 3 min

When we are looking for a new laptop it is most important to find the best and genuine laptop becuase if you invest your money in the garbage or sacme then your life become hell, in this article we will look for the most important question that who makes coolby laptop and tell you about the mystery behind that laptop, now let’s start!

In which Country this laptop is made

From our research, we found that the website of this brand tells that they are present in the US and give their contact address as shown below, so you can come to an end that this laptop might be manufacture in US but the most important and doubtful thing is how can a brand lack in their website maintenance which represents it self, a bit confusing and moreever it shows upto two laptops brands on their website which is a most bit confusing that a company makes only two or three laptops model so far.

Who makes Coolby Laptop

Customer Review of Coolby Laptop

Most of the customer gives positive review and some give the worst one bit there is doubt about the it authenticity because there are many laptops present which are scame and had 100+ positive review and 200+ selling in the last months but the customer get in touch with us and say that they got the worst laptop ever some of them complain that their laptop doesnot open or start and some one complains that their laptop ports were not available or not properly fixed with screw, some doesnot have charger and one complain that their laptop doesnot start or start then enter into boot mode.

who makes coolby laptop customer review

So how can you get the authentic brand

You can only find the authenticity by following these steps by yourself also, what we find for confirming its authenticity:

  • Customer Support Is Present or not?
  • Websitre is available for Contact?
  • Website is updated or have content on?
  • Number of product and seriveces on website of company
  • Customer review on different website
  • legitimacy of customer review

1. Customer Support Is Present or not?

We found customer support on website but it is not functional on working day like monday today, we message through the chat support but didnot get any response which create a doubt that a company doesnot have employs for customer support, how it is possibel.

2. Websitre is available for Contact?

Website is present on Google as well as it is present on Amazon store page.

3. Website is updated or have content on?

Website is not updated, shows that the company used this for only dummy presence on the Google and it might be for peoples to catch them in their web of scam and become victimezed.

4. Number of product and seriveces on website of company

Number of product product present on website is not in much amount which lead to the perception that the company is new or might used two or three product to sell that might be out dated.

5. Customer review on different website and legitimacy

24 review were given and present on website but most of the review are positvie and some are critcal and author of reviews are different from other brands and as well might be authentic.


We conclude that buying a laptop is basically on you but we can provide you tips and authenticity, we found that this laptop might be good for investing and for testing you should use it continously to find any error in the laptop with in 30 days becuase if there is any bug or issue present then you can return it to the amazon and get your money back, for the safe side if don’t want any risk then you can buy acer or hp or dell laptop and then you become tension free.

For any information you can visit to Coolby laptop brand website. we hope that we guide you much about who makes coolby laptop but if there is any regard you can contact us through our contact page and get in touvh with us.


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