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Checklist for building a house| Great detail list part 2

As we earlier talk about the checklist requirement and why we need a checklist, in our previous post and about its importance, now we are going to talk about the checklist remaining main items and try to complete the checklist for building a house in this blog.

Checklist for Building a House:

4.NOC’s12.External Finishes
5.Design13.Internal Finishes
7.Sub Contractor15.Extra item
8.Safety and Quality16.Defects Liability Period
and Post Construction
Checklist in a construction

In previous post of building a house checklist part 1 we talk about Financing and location in detail now we are going to talk about the remaining items in detail, without Further delay now let’s read about the items.

3. Facility:

  • Is there availability of Electricity, water, Sewerage and natural gas for cooking?
  • Is there any school, supermarket?
  • Is there any neighbor and other people in the surrounding of your house?
  • Is there any fire fighting station and hospital or clinic nearby?
  • Is house not too far from city or Financial hub from you can earn your living?

We conclude all these in facility because you may not want to make your house in a Forest or you may not went to be the victim of any incident, if you don’t want so then you must have these items in your checklist

4. NOC’s (Most important in checklist for building a house)

  • Does Govt. allow to build house on the chosen land?
  • Is that land part of the Farm or any other natural palace which can disturb the eco system?
  • Is there any Legal Case going on the land?
  • Did you buy land from correct way without any scam?
  • Did You verify the documents of land?
  • Did you take insurance for land?
  • Did land have perfect coordinates?

It might be possible in future government would like to start a new high construction that go through home, in that case your money will be lost, in some countries it is not allow to build house on agricultural land so be careful of it.

5. Design

in design you may need to make and decide the checklist by your self but we will give an idea about it, for example you want an open kitchen with swimming pool so it should be the part of the checklist, such like what ever you want to add in your house you would be easily available to do this, now take a look on checklist for building a house in term of demand.

  • Did you asked for survey to be done?
  • Did Soil engineer visit the site and take out samples and perform testing on site?
  • Soil type is week? Did compaction done on site?
  • For low soil strength raft footing would be design and for high strength soil raft is not required.
  • Did you hire a architecture to design the house?
  • Did you tell about your requirement and did architecture include all the required things and provide him a checklist for building a house? for example a swimming pool in the backside of house and a garden in front of house is a part of checklist.
  • Did you hire engineer for design of Slab, footing and other elements as well?

6. Contractor

  • Did you know any good contractor or firm in your city? going far away from city contractor can cause more money to spend.
  • If yes then what is his/her past experience and rating of the firm or contractor?
  • What is completion rate?
  • Did contractor have engineer to guide the labor and supervisor?
  • Did you set terms and condition and write them on a stamp with proper details and witness?
  • Did Contractor give surety bond?
  • Did you contact expert for legal advice before and after agreement?
  • Did you give him/her a set of your own checklist for building a house (only contractor related checklist provided to contractor)?
Checklist for building a house part 2

7. Sub Contractor

  • Is Contractor have their own expert do all the works like flooring or plaster or carpenter or plumber to do the work like plumbing or wiring or anything else?
  • If no? then did you know any sub contractor or ask contractor to hire a sub contractor by self.
  • It is better that a contractor contract with sub contractor because by doing this you would have to handle mess by your self
  • Did you provide a checklist for building a house to sub contractor, related checklist to subcontractor or contractor?

8. Safety and Quality

  • Did you know about safety and quality firm that can save you and your labor from hazard and financial lose?
  • Did you hire a safety officer at site to ensure safety precaution to be followed by labor and workers at site?
  • Did you take insurance for your employ and property?

9. Equipment

  • Did you require excavator or any other machine for construction ask to contractor.
  • Did you arrange mixer or shovel or any equipment if it is in your contract?

10. Material

  • Did you have any requirement or any demand for material quality?
  • Did you add demand of color and its company or primer?, for example you need blue color of Berger paints or any other paints company
  • Color of marble and utensils, type of flowers in your garden, cement quality and company requirement or any other thing you want you can add in the list.

11. External Finishes

  • You need aesthetic look out side of house? put it in the list, like stones
  • Cleaning of window, polishing and grinding of sharp edges or corner of windows, doors, ceiling should be in checklist.
  • Gutters, Sliding, Doors and windows installation should be in checklist.
  • Paint is also in checklist for building a house exterior or interior.

12. Internal Finishes

  • Plumbing and heat insulation are done or not?
  • Joints and pipes are check for water leakage or not?
  • Glasses and door with insulation and water proofing were installed or not?
  • All windows and doors should be on height from finish ground level and should be in straight line and in same depth in walls.
  • Uneven surface should be cut and smooth.
  • Cabinets, doors, window installed?
  • Water proofing done for outer and water faced elements required.
  • Plaster should be done in smooth and even surface, you can check it by placing a straight stick on the wall, after plaster watering is done or not?
  • Primer is done or not before painting to save one or two course of paint.

13. Duration

  • Duration should be estimated and deadline should be assign to prevent any delay in project or any lose.
  • Duration for site cleaning, surveying excavation, foundation, ground floor, roof, plumbing, door and window installations, plaster, coloring and finishing should be done before starting project.

If you want to know in detail about each process you can check our coming article from our blog page or using tag construction.

14. Extra Items

  • You may require extra items like water proofer, admixtures for cement, water supply, containers, large sacks or plastic to cover your concrete, nails or screw, vibrators.
  • Make detail checklist with the help of your contractor or engineer at sight and take a look what they want to do their job on site.

15. Defects Liability Period and Post Construction

Defects liability period is always set and should be in agreement for certain time period in you can get service of the contractor or firm without paying to them in most of the cases and should be design with the help of consultant firm.

Here checklist for building a house is not ended or completed there would be thousands of elements can be added in this list so be humble and patience and reach out consultants about building house and don’t waste time and money if you are not from the field by experimenting with your own money.

If you need services and want to build you house you can Contact us we provide design services with almost experience of 10 years and in designing of steel structures and concrete buildings and more, feel free to contact us take advice and we can also provide consultant to help you for checklist for building a house.


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