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Terran 1, World’s First 3D Printed Great Rocket, Prepares for Third Launch Attempt


Relativity Space, the American startup behind Terran 1, the world’s first 3D printed rocket, is gearing up for its third launch attempt. The rocket’s first two attempts were hindered by issues with fuel pressure, but the company is hopeful that this time it will be successful.

Measuring 110 feet tall, with 85% of the rocket 3D printed using metal alloys, the Terran 1 is cheaper to manufacture and launch compared to traditional rockets. The rocket’s nine engines, named Aeon 1’s, were also 3D printed.

Despite the setbacks, the Terran 1’s launch is highly anticipated as it will prove that 3D printed rockets are capable of withstanding space flights. The first launch attempt took place on March 8th but was cancelled last minute due to propellant temperature issues.

While the first flight will carry no payload, the rocket has a payload capacity of 1,250 kilograms. Built in just 60 days, the Terran 1 is claimed to be the world’s biggest 3D printed object, manufactured using the largest 3D printers.

Relativity Space aims to develop 95% 3D printed rockets, as they require 100 times fewer parts than traditional rockets and can be built in less time. With this new technology, the company hopes to transform the space industry by making space travel more accessible and cost-effective

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